Authors: Mauricio Verano Merino and Tijs van der Storm

Venue: BLOCKS+ @ SPLASH 2018



Block-based languages o er notable advantages for bringing domain-speci c languages (DSLs) closer to an end-user programming audience. Nevertheless, the construction of block-based languages is still a rather ad hoc and low-level endeavour. Language workbenches [1] have been shown to be e ective in improving productivity when developing textual or otherwise graphical DSLs. In this paper, we sketch open challenges and work in progress to provide language workbench support for block-based languages. In particular we address dedicated meta languages for de ning the syntax of block-based languages. Making block-based language development part of the common language workbench repertoire will improve the adoption of the block metaphor outside the realm of programming education, and bring DSLs closer to end-user programming.